Control de plagas

Control de plagas

Subvención conseguida en el marco del Horizonte PYME 2017


control de plagas horizonte pyme 2017

Disruptive Smart advanced IoT & Computer Vision based decision support SaaS for increasing yields of phytosanitary in Olive & Citrus farming.

In this project, a feasibility study shall be developed in order to verify the technological/practical as well as economic viability of a novel innovation for increasing yields of phytosanitary in Olive & Citrus farming. Activities being currently carried out comprise risk assessment, market study, user involvement, innovation strategy development, partner search, feasibility of concept and the like to establish a solid high-potential innovation project aligned to the enterprise strategy and with a European dimension. A business plan based on the proposed idea will be the outcome of the project, and the criteria for success.

Horizonte PYME 2017

Propuesta enviada al programa KATANA